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Webhooks Overview

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In the Webhooks section of the borderless™ documentation you will find:

  • Definition for Webhooks
  • How to Set Up Webhooks
  • borderless™ Webhooks


WebhookA Webhook is an automated notification sent from borderless™ when an event is triggered (without the need for submitting a request). borderless™ sends an HTTP POST request containing the data that is created to your Webhook listener URL.

Setting Up Webhooks

Using webhooks allows borderless™ to automatically communicate with your system in real time whenever an event is triggered (for example, whenever one of your clients pays with borderless™ or whenever you complete an API Request).

Step 1: Create Secure URL

You will need a secure URL on your server that is ready to accept and process a POST request containing a JWT in the body. For your security, we encode each Webhook with a unique key ("Webhook Secret") that you will use to decode and verify our updates to your system. This key can be found under the Developer Tab under Webhooks.

Step 2: Enable Webhooks

To enable Webhooks, navigate to your 'Developer' tab in your borderless™ Dashboard and add your URL. You can enable Webhooks in your Sandbox Dashboard, or your Production Dashboard.


Pro Tip

  • We strongly advise you to use a URL that uses TLS (https://) for secure communication and that you verify our Webhook signature.

  • When you have enabled Webhooks, you will no longer receive email notifications.

borderless™ Webhooks

borderless™ provides various types of webhooks including Payouts Webhooks and Collections Webhooks.


Pro Tip

Each API Guide includes a section on the relevant Webhooks and what data is provided in each Webhook.