Retrieve payment activity of the account


This endpoint allows you to see the payment activity of specified account. This includes created payments, received payments, created payment requests and refunds. If you wish to see payment activity between you and another account, you can refer to Contacts API

Data Requirements

Provide the following data requirements when sending a GET request to the Account Payment Activity endpoint.

Additional Header parameter:

Parameter Required? Description Type
Client-Id No Unique identifier of Child Account (required only for Partner). See Authentication Page to learn more. String

The url of this request can contain the following query parameters:

Parameter Required? Description Type
fromDate No Date from which activity will be retrieved. Accepted format YYYY-MM-DD. String
toDate No Date to which activity will be retrieved. Accepted format YYYY-MM-DD. String
page No Positive number that indicates page to be accessed. Must be provided within a range of total pages. Number

NOTE: If fromDate and toDate are not provided, activity to be returned defaults to last 7 days.

Response Body

The response will contain the following information:

Parameter Description Type
paymentReferenceId A unique number generated to identify each individual payment. String
createdAt The date when the payment was created (ISO format). String
paymentType The type of payment for this particular trade. Possible values are: LOCAL | INTERNATIONAL. String
refundType The type of refund, if applicable. Possible values are: FULL_REFUND | PARTIAL_REFUND. String
status The current status of the payment. Possible values are: PENDING | SCHEDULED | UNCLAIMED | REQUESTED | PROCESSING | IN_TRANSIT | COMPLETE | CANCELED | DECLINED | FAILED. String
amount The value of the amount of the payment in the payer's currency. Number
currency The primary currency used by the payer identified by a three letter code. String
fee The amount of the fee to be paid by the payer. Number
totalAmount The amount that was sent plus any fees related to the payment for the payer. Number
beneficiaryFee The amount of the fee to be paid by the beneficiary if applicable. Number
beneficiaryTotalAmount The amount to be sent plus any fees related to the payment for the beneficiary. Number
beneficiaryCurrency The three letter code associated with the currency used by the beneficiary. String
refundReason The reason for sending a refund, if applicable. Possible values are: CUSTOMER_REQUEST | DUPLICATE | BUSINESS_REQUEST | OTHER. String
estimatedArrival The estimated date this payment will arrive in ISO format E.G. 2022-06-14T00:00:00.000Z. borderless provides an estimated arrival time based on the payer's currency and the beneficiary's currency. This is an estimate and not an accurate date. The payment may arrive sooner or later than the estimated arrival date. String
paymentDescription A customized message describing the nature and reason for the payment. String
paymentMethod The method in which the payment was sent. For example, from borderless™ balance or bank account. String
originalPayment An object that links to the original payment if this payment is a refund. String
contact A JSON object containing information about the beneficiary who is receiving the payment. Object
contact.account.displayName Display name of contacts account. String
contact.account.accountType Account type of beneficiary. Possible values are BUSINESS | PERSONAL. String
contact.account.slug Beneficiary's borderless™ @handle if they have a borderless™ account. String
contact.account.currency The three letter currency code for benefiaciary's preferred currency. String
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