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On-Demand Debit API Guide

Ready to integrate our On-Demand Debit API? Follow these simple steps to get started today!

Registering Users

In order to make payments to your clients, they must first be registered with borderless™. To do this, your marketplace or company must inform your clients to create an account with borderless™. They can simply go to our sign up page on our website. Your account manager has resources such as email templates, blog posts and more to guide you through this process.

By creating an account, the client will create their unique borderless™ identifier which is called a @handle. This @handle is important to debit payments from your clients as you no longer need to collect any banking information. You can choose to collect your client’s @handle by creating an entry field in your application for your users.

Authentication Header

Request payloads must be signed with the client's Secret Key. borderless™ validates the signature using the client's Secret Key, which is given at onboarding. If you do not have an account Secret Key request your Secret Key today.

The steps for authentication can be found here: <https://borderlessapi-partner.readme.io/reference/authentication>

Create Your Plan

Currently, we do not offer the ability to create plans using our API. To get started, go to your borderless™ dashboard to create your On-Demand Direct Debit Plan.

Step 1: Go to Plans and click “Create Plan”

Step 2: Select Plan type “On-Demand Plan”

Step 3: Enter On-Demand Plan details such as 'plan name' and 'maximum amount'.

Step 4 (Optional): Invite customers by email or using @handles. You can also have a general link for your plan.

Retrieve Plan Id - Only For API Use

You will need to retrieve the planId from your dashboard to start using our On-Demand Debit API as it is a required field. You can retrieve the planId from clicking “View” to see plan details. Here is an example of where you can find it.


borderless™ handles notifications via email and webhook. For example:

  • Once a debit is successful, borderless™ notifies the recipient immediately via email where they can track the payment in real-time.
  • Once a customer is added, borderless™ automatically sends an invite email to the customer.
  • Once a customer is removed from a plan, we automatically notify the customer of their removal.
  • Once a customer subscribes, we notify the plan owner.

If you would like to be notified via webhooks instead of email, you can use our webhook notifications to keep up-to-date on the On-Demand Direct Debit API. You will also receive webhook notification for incoming payments if you have integrated our E-commerce plugin. Refer to the webhooks section below on how to get started.