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Pay-In API Introduction

Pay-In API

Use the borderless™ Pay-In API to fund your balances for smooth payouts. With the borderless™ Pay-In API you can:

  • Add Funds via Direct Debit (if applicable)
  • Add Funds via Wire Transfer
  • Retrieve your Available Balances
  • Retrieve Wire Details for your balances


Integration Time

The borderless™ Pay-In API generally takes 1 day to implement. The integration time may vary based on your company's needs and available development resources.


Available BalanceAvailable balance is the amount of funds available in the balance, minus any transactions that have not been fully processed.
Pending BalancePending balance is the current balance without any deductions.
Direct Debit LimitThe Direct Debit Limit is the credit limit for direct debit for specific period of time.

Retrieving Balances & Balance Details

borderless™ provides Partner Accounts with the ability to view balances and retrieve the balance details of their respective Child Accounts.

Retrieve Current Available Balance

A borderless™ Partner Account may retrieve all Child Accounts current balances, or a single Child Account balance.


Pro Tip

Before initiating a payout from your balance it is a good practice to check Available and Pending Balances and make sure you have enough funds to execute the payout.

Retrieve Balance Wire Details

borderless™ provides wire details needed for funding specific balances.

Adding Funds via Direct Debit or Wire Transfer

borderless™ provides ability to fund Accounts via Direct Debit or Wire Transfer.

Funding via Direct Debit

Please note that this feature is not available to all accounts. To find out if your Partner Account is eligible for funding via Direct Debit please reach out to Customer Support

Funding via Wire Transfer

When a Partner Account initiates a wire transfer on behalf of Child Account, the Partner Account will receive wire details in the response message. Please note the wire instructions that are returned in the response message are specific to each currency balance, Child Account, and who is funding the Child Account. It is extremely important that all correct wire details (returned in the response message) are provided to your bank to ensure a successful wire transfer. Please see the important note callout below or contact a borderless™ representative here to learn more.



Wire details are specific! Each currency balance and each Child Account has different wire instructions. Wire instructions are ONLY for a specific Child Account funding its own balance. Please ensure all wire details are provided to your bank so the Wire Transfer can be completed successfully!