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No-Code borderless™ Options

Get started quickly without writing any code.

borderless™ offers a suite of payment experiences so that all of your business needs can be handled on a single platform. If you're not ready for a full API integration you can learn more about how to get started quickly with our no-code options, below. To learn more about our API options, please visit borderless™ API Experiences.

No Code Options For Using borderless™

Use the below options to get started using borderless™, without writing any code!


borderless™ Dashboard

Use the Dashboard to make payouts to anyone located in over over 120 countries with just a couple clicks. To learn more about the borderless™ dashboard, please contact a borderless™ representative here.

File Upload

Payouts through File Upload allows for the processing of up to 3,000 payments at once by manually uploading a .CSV Payments File to the borderless™ dashboard. The .CSV Payments File requires payment details including your payee @handle (to learn more about payee @handles please visit the @handles overview page), payment description, payment amount, and purpose of payment. The Payments File template is provided through the borderless™ dashboard. To learn more about making payouts through File Upload, please contact a borderless™ representative here.

Payouts Via Groups

Payouts Via Groups allows for the formation of a group of borderless™ contacts (to learn more about borderless™ contacts please visit the Contacts API Guide). Through the Payouts Via Groups payout method, you may process multiple payments to a single group of contacts in one go. To learn more about Payouts Via Groups, please contact a borderless™ representative here.