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Account Types

Learn about Partner and Child accounts.

In This Section

In the Account Types section of the borderless™ documentation you will find:

  1. Definition of Partner Account
  2. Definition of Child Account
  3. Partner & Child Account Relationship

What is a Partner Account?

A Partner account is a type of account that has multiple business clients (such as marketplaces). A Partner account has access to our premium features and can make those services available to their clients. A Partner account has a direct relationship with borderless and signs an Integrated Partner Agreement ("IPA"). Once the IPA is signed, the Partner account can integrate and leverage the borderless™ premium services to grow their business.

What is a Child Account?

A Child account is a client of a Partner account. A Child account may receive access to the borderless™ services, including payment processing capabilities, indirectly via the Partner account. Through an integration to the borderless™ Partner API, a Partner account may make certain borderless™ services available to their Child accounts.

How Partner & Child Accounts Work

In a Partner and Child account relationship, the borderless™ Partner account has some control over the operations of the borderless™ Child account. A Partner account may have multiple Child accounts and a Partner account may authenticate, view, and manage the payments of a Child account. In contrast, a Child does not have access to the Partner's account or to other Child accounts.

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