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Introduction: Partner API

Learn what it means to be a borderless™ Partner.

Welcome to the borderless™ Partner API!

borderless™ is a global payments platform enabling convenient payouts to 120 countries. Our aim is to make global payments as simple as possible. As a borderless™ Partner, you can use a single API integration to borderless™ to power all of your clients' global payment needs.

How it Works

By plugging into borderless™, you gain access to all our premium offerings. Use our white labeled products to build custom experiences directly within your application. With a single API integration to borderless™ you can quickly scale your payments offerings to your clients.

borderless™ Partner Benefits

As a Partner of borderless™, you can quickly provide your clients with access to all our premium offerings.

Global Onboarding and Compliance

borderless™ offers our Partners customized , white-labeled onboarding and handles all global compliance requirements, including KYC and AML. We strive to always provide top-notch service at competitive rates.

Multi-currency Balances

Leverage our multi-currency balances feature to receive, hold and exchange currencies. You can also receive directly from Stripe or other 3rd party credit card processors.

Premium Payment Experiences

Tap into our Diverse Payment Rails, Suite of Payment Methods, and Multi-currency Balances to provide your clients with customized payment and notification flows.

Diverse Payment Rails

borderless™ is continuously expanding our payment rails to include the latest and greatest in payments. With our Smart Infrastructure, your payments are always delivered using the most efficient available payment rails.

Suite of Payment Methods

borderless™ offers a suite of payment methods so that all of your business needs can be handled on a single platform.

Multiple Revenue Streams

As a borderless™ Partner, leverage a single API integration to monetize payments and Foreign Exchange with our preferred Partner rates. Contact a borderless™ representative here to learn more.

Take a look at these docs to get started and simplify your global payouts.


Integration Time

The borderless™ API typically takes between 2-4 days to implement. The integration time may vary based on your company's needs and available development resources.