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Retrieve personal details from an internal contact


This endpoint allows you to retrieve information about your Contact's account.

Data Requirements

Provide the following data requirements when sending a GET request to the Contact Information endpoint.

Additional Header parameter:

Parameter Required? Description Type
Client-Id No Unique identifier of Child Account (required only for Partner). See Authentication Page to learn more. String

The body of the request should contain the following property:

Parameter Required? Description Type
handle Yes This is the @handle associated with a contact's account. For an internal contact it appears as @{handle}. Make sure you send the request without the "@" character. For example, if the Contact's @handle is "@borderless" simply submit "borderless" in the handle field. String

Note: The "Try it!" feature located on the right below the code box, does not support GET requests that contain a body. To test out this GET endpoint, please use a third-party application such as Postman.

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