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Error Handling

The borderless™ GraphQL API uses standard HTTP Status Codes to indicate whether the request succeeded or failed. The errors might also include a message to specific exceptions that happen in processing the request.

The following table indicates the categorizes of the status codes which are used by the borderless™
GraphQL API:

  • 2xx – The API request was successful
  • 4xx – The API request failed

Common Errors

We have identified a list of common errors you may encounter when you integrate our API. Here is a list of a few and how to solve them:

  • No issuer provided- In the Authorization header, there is no key of issuer in the payload of the JWT. Remember you can find your issuer ID in the Developer Dashboard.
  • On-Demand Debit API not enabled for this account or incorrect token signature- On-Demand Debit has not been enabled for this account or the provided authentication JWT is not signed with the correct secret. The Secret Key is generated from your Developer Dashboard under API Tokens
  • No payment information given for on-demand debit- The body of the request is missing the payment amount or description.
  • Could not find handle for “XXXX”- Unable to find the account for the provided handle.
  • Could not find customer when removing customer from plan.
  • Cannot add yourself to an automated direct debit plan.
  • Your debit amount exceeded the maximum debit of a plan. A plan cannot exceed $100,000.