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Ready to unlock global bank payouts? Our Collections API guide will walk you through how you can pay multiple users around the world in seconds. The funds gets delivered straight to their bank account with $0 wire fees and better exchange rates than most banks or PayPal.

Step 1: Sign Up

Before using this guide, ensure you have a business account registered on our live environment for production use.

(Get Started)[<https://secure.getborderless.com/user-register>]

Step 2: Enable On-Demand Debits via API

Once you have an account registered, contact borderless™ support in order to enable the On-Demand Debit API for your account.

Enable On-Demand Debits

Upon enabling On-Demand Debits via API, borderless™ will provide you with two pieces of information that you should not share with anyone: your Issuer ID and your Secret Key.

  • The Issuer ID and Secret Key are required for creating a JWT (JSON web token) that will be used when sending your request to the borderless™ API to ensure that you are the one requesting the payments be sent.
  • The steps for authentication can be found here: <https://borderlessapi-partner.readme.io/reference/authentication>
  • We will also provide you with a suite of bank accounts for your sandbox environment. These will be unique to your company.

Once you have those enabled, you will need to create a sandbox environment account where you can begin testing requests. In order to make an On-Demand Debit, a POST request must be sent to the On-Demand Debit endpoint. This POST request can be made either manually (using Postman or similar) or programmatically. Contact your account manager for staging and production location endpoints.

Step 3: Access Sandbox Environment

3.A. Create Your Sandbox Account

Once you have an account registered, contact borderless™ support in order to enable mass payouts for your account.

Create a sandbox account here.

3.B. Create Your Sandbox Users

In order to test our On-Demand Debit functionality in our Sandbox environment, you will need to create Sandbox users. In order to do so, you use the following sandbox endpoint and create test accounts using the bank data provided with your Secret Key.

Here are some quick video tutorials on how to create an account:

Step 4: Follow Our Guide

You are all set to get started. Follow the integration guide below to start paying out your clients
using code with $0 wire fees. If you have any questions, please contact support at
[email protected].