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Common Errors

Accounts API Common Errors

We have identified a list of common errors you may encounter when you integrate our Accounts API. Here is a list of a few and how to solve them:

No issuer providedIn the Authorization header, there is no key of issuer in the payload of the JWT.Remember, this issuer ID is unique to your account and can be found in the Developer Dashboard.
Partner Accounts API not enabled for this account or incorrect token signaturePartner Accounts API has not been enabled for this account or the provided authentication JWT is not signed with the correct secret.The secret is a token generated from the Developer Dashboard under the API Tokens section. Contact a borderless™ representative here to learn more about Partner Account API enablement.
A user with this @handle already exists. (I-4309)The specific handle provided at account creation already exists in borderless™ system.Provide a different @handle, or do not specify an @handle. If @handleis not specified at account creation, borderless™ will auto-generate it for you and provide it in the response.
This is not a valid date. Must strictly match format: YYYY-MM-DD (I-4303)Date of birth may be required when creating an account. The dateOfBirth entry was provided in a format not matching YYYY-MM-DD.Provide dateOfBirth in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD

For more information on Error Handling please visit Error Handling.