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Setup Webhooks

Using webhooks allows us to communicate with your system in real time whenever one of your clients pays with borderless™ or whenever you complete an API Request.

A webhook is a notification sent from borderless™ when an event is triggered without the need to submit a request. borderless™ will send an HTTP POST request containing the data that is created to your webhook listener URL.

To get started setting up webhooks, please refer to the Webhooks Guide

Customer Subscribed Webhook

When a customer accepts their invitation to the plan and you have webhooks enabled for your account, we will notify you via webhook instead of email.

The webhook received via POST request will have hashed signature in the header under custom header parameter x-borderless-webhook. To verify the webhook and ensure it came from borderless™ visit How To Verify Webhooks section. It is your responsibility to verify the signature and confirm it is correctly signed with your secret before accepting the data received is on behalf of borderless™.

Your webhook secret can be found at the Developer Dashboard after enabling webhooks.