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Getting Started

Ready to scale your payments offerings? Follow these simple steps to get started.

Step 1: Get Authenticated

To use the borderless™ API, your API calls will need to be authenticated by creating a JWT Token. To learn more about generating a JWT Token and getting Authenticated please visit the Authentication Guide.

Step 2: Create Child Accounts

Child accounts are created for each marketplace or business you wish to on-board to process payments. Child account will be able to create their own Contacts (payment recipients), make payments, pay-in balances, and more. Visit the Account Types section to learn more about creating Child accounts.

Step 3: Add Contacts For Child Accounts (Optional)

Contacts are payment recipients and can be borderless™ users or non-borderless™ users. All Contacts have a unique borderless™ @handle. To learn more about borderless™ @handles please visit @Handle Overview

  • Pay a borderless™ user by entering their @handle (no sensitive banking information required).

  • Pay a non-borderless™ users by adding them as a Contact. Visit the Contacts API Guide to learn more about adding Contacts.


Pro Tip

Skip adding Contacts:

  • You can pay any borderless™ users' @handle without adding them as a Contact. Learn more about using borderless @handles in the @Handle Overview guide.

  • Pay to emails. borderless™ will automatically add them to your Contacts list once the funds are claimed. Learn more about paying to emails in our Claim Payouts guide.

Step 4: Execute Payments For Child Accounts

You are all set to get started. Follow the Payouts API Experience to start making payments to over 120 countries using just a few lines of code.


If you have any questions, please reach out to a borderless™ Representative at [email protected].


Pro Tip

Remember to complete the Know Before You Code steps, including signing up and getting verified, choosing an API plan, and requesting Sandbox access (optional) before you start coding.