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Contacts API Introduction

Learn what you can do with the Contacts API.

Contacts API

With the Contacts API you will be able to customize the Contacts experience on your platform. The borderless™ Contacts API allows you to:

  • Add Contacts to your borderless™ Account.
  • Manage Contact information including pulling the latest payment details and adding or adjusting banking information.


Integration Time

The borderless™ Contacts API generally takes 1-2 days to implement. The integration time may vary based on your company's needs and available development resources.


ContactA borderless™ Contact is a recipient of a payment. A Contact can be a borderless™ user or a non-borderless™ user. Every Contact has a unique borderless™ @handle. To learn more about @handles please visit @Handle Overview.
Internal ContactA borderless™ Internal Contact is a Contact that is a borderless™ user and has a borderless™ Account of their own.
External ContactA borderless™ External Contact is a Contact that is NOT a borderless™ user and does NOT have a borderless™ Account of their own.

Adding Contacts

There are 3 Methods to add Contacts to your borderless™ Account:

  • External Contacts API
  • borderless™ Link™
  • Contact Registration

To learn more about adding Contacts please visit Adding Contacts.



Remember that all borderless™ API calls must be Authenticated. To learn more about Authentication, please visit the Authentication page.