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Debit all customers in a given on-demand debit recurring payment plan


This endpoint allows you to debit all customers that are subscribed to either an on-demand debit or a recurring payment plan. Below you will find the required data to submit this request.

Data Requirements

Provide the following data requirements when sending a POST request to the On-Demand API endpoint.

Additional Header parameter:

Parameter Required? Description Type
Client-Id No Unique identifier of Child Account (required only for Partner). See Authentication Page to learn more. String

The body of the request should contain a JSON object with the the following information:

Parameter Required? Description Type
planId Yes The borderless™ planId denoting the plan which this customer is a member of. This is available in the borderless™ dashboard when you click, 'View Plan Details'. String
amount Yes A non-negative amount you wish to debit the plan subscribers in your home currency. If the subscribers are international clients, borderless™ auto-detects their currency and debits the equivalent amount of the plan’s amount with better exchange rates than most banks or PayPal. The funds will be debited in their home currency and delivered to your bank account in your home currency. Number
paymentDescription Yes A description of the payment being sent with a maximum length of 60 characters, including spaces. This will be shown to the recipient when the transaction completes. String
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