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Know Before You Code

Ready to scale your payments offerings? You'll need a borderless™ Account to request Sandbox access and receive credentials to starting using the borderless™ API.

Follow these steps to set up a borderless Account before you start coding.

Step 1: Sign Up & Get Verified

To get started with the borderless™ Payouts API, sign up to create a borderless™ Business Account. Get started here.

Step 2: Sign The Integrated Partner Agreement

borderless™ offers various Partner Level API plans designed to fit your business needs. To sign up to one of these plans you'll need to sign our Integrated Partner Agreement. This will provide you with access to the borderless™ Partner API. Each plan provides different levels of access. To access a feature you don’t currently have you may upgrade your Account. Talk to your borderless™ Account Manager to find the plan that's right for you.

Step 3: Request Sandbox Access (Optional)

borderless™ provides a Sandbox Environment to experience and experiment with the Payouts API before implementing it in your own production environment. Please contact your borderless™ Account Manager or a borderless™ Representative to request access to the borderless™ Sandbox Environment.


Pro Tip

Once you receive access to the Sandbox Environment you can use the following endpoint format to try out HTTP requests: https://sandbox.api.getborderless.com/{API Endpoint}