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Partner API Experiences

As a borderless™ Partner you have access to our premium features. Use this guide to help you determine how to build custom experiences directly within your application. With a single API integration to borderless™ you can quickly scale your payments offerings to meet all your clients' needs.

Learn more about our simple API integration options, below. If you're not ready for a full integration you can also learn more about how to get started with our No-Code borderless™ Options.

borderless™ API Integration Experiences

borderless™ offers 3 integration experiences to make payments. Learn more about your integration choices, below. borderless™ offers various API plans designed to fit your business needs. Each plan provides different levels of access. To access an experience you don’t currently have you may upgrade your Account by contacting your borderless™ Account Manager.

borderless™ API Integrations

To build your payments experience as a borderless™ Partner, you'll need to create Child Accounts, choose how to add Child Account Contacts, and choose your payment types. Find a guide to customize the Payment Experience that's right for you.

Step 1: Create Child Accounts

Use the borderless™ Accounts API to customize the Account experience on your platform including creating and verifying Child Accounts, and viewing Child Account status, payment activity, and monthly statements. To learn more about using the Accounts API please visit the Accounts API Guide.

Step 2: Choose How to Add Contacts

  • borderless™ Contacts API

    Use the Contacts API to customize the Contacts experience on your platform, including adding and managing Contacts. To learn more about using the Contacts API please visit the Contacts API Guide.

  • borderless™ Link™

    Use borderless™ Link™ to add a Contact as an embedded experience directly on your platform. To learn more about adding Contacts through borderless™ Link™, please visit Widget Integration - Getting Started.


Pro Tip

Skip adding Contacts:

  • You can pay any borderless™ users' @handle without adding them as a Contact. Learn more about using borderless @handles in the @Handle Overview guide.

  • Pay to emails. borderless™ will automatically add them to your Contacts list once the funds are claimed. Learn more about paying to emails in our Claim Payouts guide.

Step 3: Choose Your Payments APIs

  • borderless™ Payouts API

    Use the borderless™ Payouts API to programmatically make payouts to over 120 countries with just a few lines of code. To learn more about making payouts through the Payouts API please visit the Payouts API Guide.

  • borderless™ Pay-In API

    Use the borderless™ Pay-In API to fund account balances including adding funds via direct debit, adding funds via wire transfer, retrieving available balances, and retrieving wire details. To learn more about using the Pay-In API please visit the Pay-In API Guide.

  • borderless™ Collections API

    Use the borderless™ Collections API to debit your customers’ bank accounts. To learn more about using the Collections API please visit the Collections API Guide.