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Add a customer to a recurring payment plan


This endpoint allows you to add a customer to a recurring payment plan. Use this endpoint to send a subscription request that will then allow you to use the borderless™ Collections API to collect payments automatically.

Data Requirements

Provide the following data requirements when sending a POST request to the Add Customer To Recurring Plan endpoint.

Additional Header parameter:

Parameter Required? Description Type
Client-Id No Unique identifier of Child Account (required only for Partner). See Authentication Page to learn more. String

The body of the request should contain a JSON object with the the following information:

Parameter Required? Description Type
planId Yes The borderless™ planId denoting the plan which you want to invite a customer to subscribe to. This is available in the borderless™ dashboard when you click, 'View Plan Details'. String
customers Yes Array of objects containing either a key of “slug” (slug is customer @handle. Read more about borderless™ @handles ) or “email” with values that correspond to the customer you wish to add to the plan. If both are given, the slug (customer @handle without the '@') will be used. Array
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